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Kaiwende BBQ Gloves Heat Resistant for Cooking

BBQ Gloves 1472°F Heat Resistant Grill Gloves

Even if you are a fan of outdoor cooking, you need to realize the importance of BBQ gloves. It is an accessory waiting to become necessary once you start using them. Grilling, BBQ, Outdoor ovens all mean delicious food and fun. But what accompanies them is heat, fire, and burns. It is inevitable to feel the intense heat from the flaming charcoal or scorching wood. And it is always tricky to keep distance from the hot spots like the grill edges and corners.

The best solution is using Kaiwende heat-resistant grill gloves for cooking. From handling hot smoking food to managing the heat. These gloves are wonderful to work with, from handling hot coals to avoiding burns.

Exceptionally Fine Quality Material

When looking for BBQ gloves, the priority is the comfort of use. It is comfortable to wear and hold items with. Kaiwende BBQ gloves have an anti-slip silicone coating. The silicon on the fingers and the palm provides a perfect grip for holding smaller and bigger items. They also provide extra strength and resistance to heat.

The rest of the glove is made up of flame-resistant fiber. The front, the back, and the extra length of the gloves are all perfect for handling extreme heat. The whole hand is protected while high temperature and flaming cookouts.

Being manufactured of two heavy and thick materials does not mean they are uncomfortable. On the contrary, the inner side of the gloves is polyester cotton for utmost softness and sweat-free comfort.

Extra Length for Extra Protection

The gloves are standard size and can fit any normal pair of hands. From the middle finger up to the end of the glove, it measures 13 inches. This extra 5 inches covering the arm from the wrist is another valuable feature.

This part of the arm is most exposed to the edges of the ovens and the grills. So, when removing and loading the oven or flipping on the grill, the wrists can be easily burnt. Thus, the elongated gloves cover the wrists and let you enjoy carefree BBQ, baking, and grilling.

Heat Resistance Capability

Cooking on a stove at home and cooking directly on an open fire outdoors are 2 opposite experiences. The major difference is the intense heat involved. Sometimes, you have to handle the burning coals and firewood to adjust the temperatures for your cooking.

These gloves and their heat resistance power let you easily handle all tedious tasks. These gloves resist up to 1472℉. Below is a proximate time suggestion of the capability of resistance of these gloves.

  • 1472℉/800℃: 7-10S
  • 932℉/500℃: 12-15S
  • 662℉/350℃: 16-18S
  • 482℉/250℃: 21-23S
  • 212℉/100℃: 55-65S

Multipurpose Gloves

Since their major quality is heat resistance, they can do that in any situation. These gloves can be used perfectly for other jobs involving high temperatures. Besides BBQ, other forms of outdoor cooking techniques and handling of hot pots and pans and ovens. Their universal design and perfect 5 finger fitting make handling convenient. In addition, the loops on the gloves make them easy to store.

Check out this video about the Glovers

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  • Standard fitting size
  • Non-slippery
  • Additional length to protect the arms too
  • It can directly be used on the heat source
  • Comfortable


  • Washing and cleaning them can be a bit hectic


Cooking at home or on grills, your safety should be the priority. Handling hot pots and pans safely and resisting the heat should come under safety measures.

These gloves may not look like much of an essential, but you cannot stop once you start using them. And one pair of BBQ gloves for cooking from KAIWENDE is a good choice. Highly heat resistant, easy to wear and work with, and has amazing quality.

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